Inventory Tracking

Tracking inventory in QuickBooks Online, Desktop, Desktop Enterprise

About Inventory Tracking

To enable inventory tracking from Amazon to QuickBooks, you must map Amazon inventory to corresponding QuickBooks inventory items.

Amazon inventory is mapped by Amazon SKU. QuickBooks inventory is mapped by QuickBooks inventory item name.

Inventory mapping involves establishing correspondence between Amazon SKU and QuickBooks inventory item name.

Amazon ASINs for inventory mapping

Amazon ASINs cannot be used for mapping because they are not unique. You can have multiple listings with multiple SKUs for the same ASIN. This makes it impossible to use Amazon ASINs for mapping.

QuickBooks SKUs for inventory mapping

QuickBooks inventory item SKUs cannot be used for mapping because they are not required and are not enforced to be unique. You can have QuickBooks inventory items without SKUs. At the same time you can have multiple QuickBooks inventory items with the same SKUs.

Inventory Automapping

In order to benefit from Entriwise Inventory Auto-Mapping functionality, it is necessary to set Amazon Inventory SKU and QuickBooks Inventory Product Name of the corresponding items equal to each other.

For example, instead of using default randomly generated Amazon Inventory SKU to sell Apple iPhone 5 32GB white, it is best to use manually set iphone-5-wt-32gb as both Amazon Inventory SKU and QuickBooks Item Name. This will allow Entriwise to automatically map such inventory items.

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