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Manual Item Mapping

How to manually map Amazon SKUs and services in Entriwise
To import Amazon Seller Central transactions into QuickBooks, it is necessary to configure Amazon to QuickBooks item mapping.
If keep inventory in stock and need to track its quantity on hand, current inventory value and average cost, map Amazon SKUs to QuickBooks Online Inventory Products / QuickBooks Desktop Inventory Parts.
If you use QuickBooks Online, you may want to view QuickBooks Online Inventory Tutorial
If you do not keep inventory in stock (e.g. use dropshipping), map Amazon SKUs to QuickBooks Online Non-inventory Products / QuickBooks Desktop Non-inventory Parts.

Initiate Mapping Verification

  1. 1.
    select Import Statement to go to Amazon Statements page
  2. 2.
    select Import (next to the corresponding statement) to start mapping verification
Entriwise Amazon Statements page

Edit Item Mapping

Note: if Amazon inventory SKU is equal to QuickBooks inventoy item name, Entriwise will map them automatically
To edit item mapping:
  • go to Item Mapping page
  • select Edit (orange pen) on the right side of the mapping that you want to edit
Edit mapping
  • enter an existing QuickBooks Item Name from the drop (hint: you can type to filter items)
    • QuickBooks inventory or non-inventory item for amazon-sku
    • QuickBooks service item for amazon-charge, amazon-fee, amazon-other, and amazon-promotion
Save mapping
  • select Confirm (orange check mark) to save new QuickBooks Item Name
  • repeat for all unmapped items

Verify Mapping

To verify updated mapping, select Verify Mapping.
Verify mapping

Completed Mapping

When mapping is complete, your mapping page will have no unmapped items listed. Now you can proceed with the import.