Item Mapping

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How to map Amazon SKUs and services in Entriwise

Amazon to QuickBooks Item Mapping

To import Amazon Seller Central transactions into QuickBooks using Entriwise, it is necessary to configure Amazon to QuickBooks item mapping.

There are four types of items that may require mapping in Entriwise: amazon-sku, amazon-charge, amazon-fee, amazon-promotion (see Item Mapping Type Details for more info).

If you use QuickBooks Online and lack a good understanding of accounting principles, we strongly advise to opt-in for Entriwise auto-configuration of Amazon fees, charges and promotions in your QuickBooks company file.

If you don't use Entriwise auto-configuration for QuickBooks Online or if you use QuickBooks Desktop, item mapping must be configured for amazon-fee, amazon-charge item types.

Additionally, if SKU of some or all of your Amazon Inventory is not set equal to corresponding QuickBooks inventory item name, it is necessary to configure amazon-sku mapping for inventory items.

Inventory auto-mapping

In order to benefit from Entriwise Inventory Auto-Mapping functionality, it is necessary to set Amazon Inventory SKU and QuickBooks Inventory Product Name of the corresponding items equal to each other.

For example, instead of using default randomly generated Amazon Inventory SKU to sell Apple iPhone 5 32GB white, it is best to use manually set iphone-5-wt-32gb as both Amazon Inventory SKU and QuickBooks Item Name. This will allow Entriwise to automatically map such inventory items.

Mapping with CSV files

It is possible to upload and download mapping using CSV files, containing Amazon Inventory SKU in the first column and QuickBooks Item Name in the second column.

For example, to map Amazon SKU iphone-5-wt-32gb to QuickBooks Inventory Item named Apple iPhone 5 32GB white you will need to have the following line in the CSV file:

iphone-5-wt-32gb,Apple iPhone 5 32GB white

Mapping subitems in QuickBooks Desktop

If you use subitems (parent and child items) in QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Item Name in mapping table for a subitem must be specified as <parent-item-name>:<child-item-name>, using parent item and colon symbol.

For example if in QuickBooks Desktop you have a parent item called iphone-5 and a number of subitems / child items called iphone-5-wt-16gb, iphone-5-bk-32gb, iphone-5-bk-64gb, QuickBooks Item Name of these subitems / child items in Entriwise mapping must be specified as iphone-5:iphone-5-wt-16gb, iphone-5:iphone-5-bk-32gb, iphone-5:iphone-5-bk-64gb.

Item mapping type details

There are four types of mapping items:

  • amazon-sku - Amazon inventory listed and sold in Amazon Seller Central. amazon-sku item mapping is created between Amazon Inventory SKU and QuickBooks Inventory Item Name.

  • amazon-charge - services for which Amazon charges buyers on behalf of Amazon sellers. Examples of amazon-charge items include Shipping, GiftWrap, etc. amazon-charge items should map to a corresponding Service item in QuickBooks associated with an income account.

  • amazon-fee - fees that Amazon charges Amazon sellers. Examples of amazon-fee items include Commission, ShippingChargeback, FBAPerOrderFulfillmentFee, etc. amazon-fee items should map to a corresponding Service item in QuickBooks, associated with an expense account.

  • amazon-promotion - promotions that Amazon gives to the buyers. Examples of amazon-promotion items include ShippingPromotions. Amazon uses ShippingPromotions items for promotional shipping to give the buyers discounted or free shipping. To account for such situations, both full shipping charges and promotional credits must be shown as positive and negative amounts on the Sales Receipt documents created by Entriwise. Each amazon-promotion item should correspond to a Service item in QuickBooks.