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Amazon Seller Central Errors

Enable Amazon XML Statements

To import and reconcile Amazon statements, you must have XML statements enabled in your Amazon Seller Central account.

Some Amazon Seller Central accounts do not have XML statements enabled by default. In this case, you must contact Amazon Seller Central support and ask to enable XML statements for your account.

For reference, below you can see how XML statement looks in All Statements page (Reports > Payments > All Statements) in your Amazon Seller Central account:

Amazon XML statements

If you do not see Download XML button, your Amazon Seller Central account does not have XML statements enabled.

QuickBooks Errors

Enable Multicurrency

You may encounter Enable Multicurrency (Business Validation Error: Multi Currency should be enabled to perform this operation) error because you have transactions in more than one currency.

For example, you have a company registered in the USA and sell goods on Amazon.com in US Dollars and on Amazon.ca in Canadian Dollars. In this case your home currency is US Dollars (USD) and additional currency is Canadian Dollar (CAD).

After you turn on multicurrency in QuickBooks, you will be able to assign currency to customers, vendors, bank accounts, credit card accounts, and accounts receivable / accounts payable.

How to turn on multicurrency for your company file in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online

  • Click the Gear > Company Settings > Advanced > Currency.
  • Select the Multicurrency checkbox.
  • Select the "I understand I can’t undo Multicurrency" checkbox.
  • Click Save.

QuickBooks Desktop

  • Go to the Edit menu and click Preferences.
  • In the left Preferences list, click Multiple Currencies.
  • Click the Company Preferences tab to display the preference options.

For more information consult QuickBooks Help article How do I turn on Multicurrency?

Business Validation Error: Inventory Start Date

You may encounter Transactions with inventory (QOH) products cant be dated earlier than the Inventory Start Date for the product / Transactions with inventory products can not be dated earlier than the Inventory Start Date for the product errors because one or more QuickBooks inventory products have Inventory Start Date later than their sales date. You can only use an inventory item in transactions that are dated after the item’s inventory as of date.

For example, you bought a new inventory product on May 1, so the actual inventory start date is May 1. However, if you created the corresponding inventory product in QuickBooks later, for instance on May 15, the inventory start date for this product is set to May 15. In this case you must change Inventory Start Date of this product manually to May 1.

How to adjust Inventory Start Date in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online

  • Click the Gear > Products and Services.
  • Click Edit on the Product you want to adjust.
  • Click "Starting value".
  • Change the inventory "As of date".

Read more in QuickBooks post Get started with inventory.

Custom Transacton Numbers

You may encounter Custom Transacton Numbers error (Duplicate Document Number Error : You must specify a different number. This number has already been used or QuickBooks Duplicate Document Number Error) because invoice, sales receipt, vendor credit, etc numbers are not automatically assigned by QuickBooks.

To solve this problem you need to turn off the following QuickBooks Online features:

  • Custom transaction numbers
  • Warn if duplicate check number is used
  • Warn if duplicate bill number is used

How to turn off Custom transaction numbers in QuickBooks Online

  • Click the Gear > Your Company > Account and Settings
  • Go to Menu Sales
  • Edit Sales form content
  • Deselect the Custom transaction numbers checkbox
  • Click Save

How to turn off Warn if duplicate check number is used and Warn if duplicate bill number is used in QuickBooks Online

  • Click the Gear > Your Company > Account and Settings
  • Go to Menu Advanced
  • Edit Other preferences
  • Deselect Warn if duplicate check number is used and Warn if duplicate bill number is used checkboxes
  • Click Save

Upgrade to QuickBooks Online Plus

Note: if you already upgraded your QuickBooks Online version to Plus and still get this error message, please sign out of your QuickBooks account and sign back in. If it does not help, please try again later. It takes time for QuickBooks to propagate your upgrade information to Entriwise.

To support all types of Amazon transactions and provide automatic reconciliation, Entriwise requires subscription to QuickBooks Online Plus. To learn more about differences between available versions of QuickBooks Online visit Compare Online Versions of QuickBooks.

If you have been using QuickBooks Online Simple Start or Essentials, you might have received an error message asking you to upgrade. This error message was generated by QuickBooks when Entriwise attempted to post an Amazon transaction not supported by your current version of QuickBooks.

If you encountered QuickBooks upgrade error message, you will have to upgrade to QuickBooks Online Plus in order to continue using Entriwise.

For information on how to upgrade your QuickBooks Online version please visit Upgrading my U.S. version of QuickBooks Online

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